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Rank Recognition

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Taekwon-do Dan Recognition

Taekwon-Do I highly regulated sports in Korea by Government of Republic of Korea and ITF is recognized Federation for Taekwon-Do by Republic of Korea. If you have want to apply for Dan recognition by ITF or tested through another Taekwon-Do federation but you want your rank recognized by International Taekwond-Do Federation. Read instruction carefully and fill up Application Form.

  1. If you are affiliated member then directly apply for Dan recognition below
  2. If you are new to ITF first you have to apply for membership, then you may apply for Dan recognition.

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Benefits of Taekwon-Do Dan Recognition

With your Dan recognition by ITF, you will not only make an impact upon your career in professional Taekwon-Do, but upon your life. Dan recognition is an expert Taekwon-Do Masters level recognition comprising of eight levels. As a Dan recognized by ITF you can open your own Taekwon-Do school, group and will be authorized to conduct Belt test on behalf of ITF.

  1. Dan level define expertise level of Taekwo-Do Masters .it represents the dedication and continuously improvement of Taekwon-Do master’s skills.
  2. Giving back can be the greatest reward and benefit. Participating in forums, specialized mentoring courses, chat groups or discussion boards sponsored by our Federation is also a great way to lead others to success and grow your own network.

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