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cv G M Sutherland

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Name:                                                             Sheena Sutherland

D.O.B.                                                             14.04.1958

Current Grade:                                                 9th  Degree

National Organisations:                                  United Kingdom Tae Kwon-Do Federation 1987 to present

TKDScot 2016 to present

Scottish Council of Tae Kwon-Do 2014 to present

United Kingdom Tae Kwon-Do Association 1976 to 1987

International Organisations:                            ITF Spain 1976 to December 2017

AETF  1979 to December 2017

Started Training:                                             April  9th 1974
Current positions held

Grand Master Sutherland’s Blackbelt Academy  (GMSBA) position held for 43years

These are two full time Dojangs at both Bathgate and Livingston in Scotland

The UKTF   Three Masters Technical Committee coupled with the UKTF   Masters Board of Examiners.

I am also involved with the UKTF on the technical committee with Master Dunbar 8th Degree and Master Thompson 7th Degree to help the UKTF instructors develop their teaching and coaching skills.  As well as being on the technical committee I am chief examiner on the UKTF’s Black Belt Examination board to help ensure that the Tae Kwon-Do Legacy left by the Founder is maintained to Black Belt standard within the UKTF.

26/03/1977      1st Degree in Glasgow by Master K.H Rhee 7th degree,

03/09/1978      2nd Degree, B-201-35

06/03/1982      3rd Degree   B-111-30

22/08/1986:     4th Degree GB4-14 by General Choi

15/09/1990:     5th Degree  GB5-13

26/05/1995:     6th Degree  GB6-7

27/11/2000:     7th Degree  GB7-7 by Master K.H Rhee 7th degree,

21/10/2007      8th Degree GB8-4

24/06/2017      9TH   Degree USTF 9-8   Promoted by  Sr Grand Master Charles E Sereff

14-04-1980        21st   No. 21-10

22-08-1986        Vienna

27-07 1991        33rd   No.33-2

16-10-1993        58th   No.   58-2

04-08-1995        104th No .  104-1

21-03-1999        11th   No.   CJH    Glasgow

02—3-2003       189th No.189-2   Livingston

19-10-2007                                Belgium (promoted to 8th Degree)

03-05-2008        No 35-156        Dublin

29-01-2012        No.70-18          Hertfordshire

12-05-2012        No.                  Livingston

13/03/2015      No 100-254      Aberdeen



2002     1st Masters International Course with General Choi, Vienna, Austria.



1987     Founder of United Kingdom Tae Kwon-Do Federation 1987 to present.

1993     AETF Umpire Committee

1994     Outstanding Instructor Medal presented by General Choi Hong Hi 1994 in Malaysia

1997     Disciplinary Committee for the World Championships, Russia

1997 to 2009 Founder of  ITF Scotland . Elected President of ITF Scotland

2002 to 2004 AETF Treasurer

2004 to 2008 AETF Board of Directors

2008     Elected President of ITF Scotland.

2011     Elected President of ITF Scotland

2012     Founder member of TKDSL

2014     Founding Member of Scottish Council of Tae Kwon- Do

2015     Founding Member of TKDSCOT



S.C.O.T.   Scottish Council of Tae Kwon-Do (SCoT) Scottish Sports Council (Government body).

Founding member  2016   Board member -Membership Services

Chairperson of TKD Scot (Sports Council recognised)



1991     IIC with General Choi   Livingston

1993     IIC with General Choi  Edinburgh

2000     AETF European Championships, Edinburgh Scotland.

2002     The 1st  ITF Masters IIC since passing of General  Choi Livingston

2012     IIC Livingston



United Kingdom TKD Association Master K.H.Rhee ‘C’ class 27-07-79

United Kingdom TKD Association Master K.H.Rhee ‘B’ class 16-03-80

United Kingdom TKD Association Master K.H.Rhee ‘A’ class 26-07-81

International Instructor 22/08/1986 Vienna, Austrian

European Tae Kwon-Do Union (AETF) 22/01/1995 Continental ‘A’ Benidorm, Spain

ITF International Umpire Certificate  22/08/1986 Vienna, Austria




1978     International Competition , Meadowbank , Edinburgh.

1980     European Championships Crystal Palace, London

1984     World Championships 1984 Glasgow


Juniors AETF European Championships
1991    Vienna, Austria              Umpire

1992     Terracina, Italy               Umpire

1993     Benidorm, Spain           Umpire

1997     Warsaw, Poland             Tournament Committee


Seniors AETF EUROPEAN Championships

1980     Crystal Palace, London,              Competitor

1993     Groningen, Netherland,             Umpire Committee

1994     Lublin, Poland,                          Umpire Committee

1995,    Cologne, Germany                    Umpire Committee

1996     Riccione, Italy,                           Tournament Committee

1997     Zrece, Slovenia,                                     Tournament Committee

1999     Riccione, Italy,                           Tournament Committee

2000     Edinburgh. Scotland,                 Host

2001     Villa Jayosa, Spain,                     Tournament Committee

2002     Trebon, Czech,                          Tournament Committee

2003     Rijeka, Croatia                           Tournament Committee

2004     Tampere, Finland 2004              Tournament Committee

2005     Terracina, Italy,                          Umpire

2007     Poprad, Slovakia,                       Umpire

2008     Wroclaw, Poland                       Umpire



Umpire/Umpire committee/Tournament committee


1993     Moscow, Russia                        Umpire

1995     Warsaw, Poland ,           Umpire

1996     Prague, Czec                   Umpire

2002     Ponse, Puerto Rico ,       Umpire

2004     Ricciona ,Italy                Umpire
1984     Glasgow, Scotland,                    Competitor

1990     Montreal, Canada ,                    Umpire

1992     Pyon Yang, North Korea,          National Coach
1994     Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia ,      Tournament Committee

1995     Warsca Poland                          Umpire

1996     Toronto, Canada                                   Umpire

1997     St Petersburg, Russia ,   invited on to the disciplinary committee by Master Meng during the ITF World Championships in St Petersberg, Russia.

1999     Buenos Aires, Argentina                         VIP

2001     Rimini, Italy ,                             Tournament Committee

2003     Warsaw, Poland,                                    Umpire

2006     World Cup , Benidorm              VIP

2007     Quebec, Canada                        Umpire



Open International
1993 1st German Open, Mulheim Germany 1993,

1993  Belgium Open

1995 Peter the Great Cup St, Petersburg, Russia

1996 Peter the Great Cup St, Petersburg, Russia ,

1997 Italian Open Riccione

2000 Poland V Europe Convention

2003 Benidorm , Spain

2009 INTA Irish Open

2010 INTA Irish Open

2011 INTA Irish Open

2012 INTA Irish Open

2013 INTA Irish Open

2014 INTA Irish Open

2014 Budapest European Cup

2015 INTA Irish Open

2016 INTA Irish Open




1986     ITF A classification, Vienna Austria


1993     London

1995     Benidorm, Continental Certification A

1996     Benidorm Spain

1997     Mestre Italy

1997     Scotland

1999     Middlesex,  London

2002     Koln   Germany

2003     Benidorm




1993     Groningen, Netherland,

1994     Lublin, Poland,

1995,    Cologne, Germany

1996     Riccione, Italy,

1997     Zrece, Slovenia,

1999     Riccione, Italy,

2000     Edinburgh. Scotland,

2001     Villa Jayosa, Spain,

2002     Trebon, Czech,

2003     Rijeka, Croatia

2004     Tampere, Finland

2005     Terracina, Italy,

2007     Poprad, Slovakia,

2008     Wroclaw, Poland



1992     Pyon Yang, North Korea,
1994     Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia ,

1995     Warsca Poland

1996     Toronto, Canada

1997     St Petersburg, Russia ,

1999     Buenos Aires, Argentina

2001     Rimini, Italy ,

2002     Vienna, Austria

2003     Warsaw, Poland,

2004     Ricciona ,Italy

2005     Dortmund, Germany

2006      Benidorm, Spain

2007     Quebec, Canada
2012     Brighton , England


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