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cv Thomas Siemon

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I was born on 05.09.1971 in Witzenhausen, Germany. At the age of 15, I started
Taekwon-do. Unfortunately, a school closure forced me for a short time break. From
1995, I was again given the opportunity to study Taekwon-Do. Since that time without a
interruption. After I joined in 2006, the ITF NAG here in Germany, I attended various
national as well as international seminars in different masters and grandmasters.
Recently 2012 with GM Choi Jung Hwa in Amsterdam, Holland. After the collapse of
the ITF NAG in 2013, I planned with Master Ralf Ufrecht the first events of ITFHQGermany
in Germany and performed some events and seminars. Here were my tasks,
as it did at the time of the ITF-NAG, the public relations of the diverse, I created and
managed websites, and the active conference line with acquisition of areas Hosinsul
and TUL. Furthermore, I am actively involved to unite over the idea of “Nur” –
Taekwondo various styles of Taekwon-Do at seminars and tournaments here in
Germany. The concept of “Nur” -Taekwondo (Only-Taekwondo) is, similar to the WI are
on slogan, created by me. Currently I am working mainly with the Korean martial arts in
their entire facets. Taekwondo, Hapkido and Teukgong Moosool offer in my
organization “Korean Combative Martial Arts” (KCMA Germany) and spread. This is
since 2014 member of the ITF Headquarters Korea (number: 10014-D).
Taekwon-Do und Martial Art
Since 2003 I teach a Taekwondo group in my hometown. From 2012 I am responsible
for this even as a trainer for the black belts and auditors. Since 2012 I teach another
group in Korean Teukgong Mooosool System
In the period from 2005 I have various seminars, tournaments and Martial Arts events
planned and carried out:
2006 – Taekwondo Hessenmeisterschaft Organization
2006 – IIC GM Choi, Bochum, Germany Participate
2006 – Kampfsportgala Organization
2007 – Budoseminar Organizer
2007 – IIC GM Choi, Krommenie, Netherlands Participate
2009-14 ITF Taekwondo Hessenmeisterschaft in Hess. Lichtenau Organizer
2012 – 1. „Nur“ Taekwon-Do Seminar Organizer
2012 – Master Class GM Choi Participate
2013 – ITF HQ Germany Masterclass Organization
2013 – 2. „Nur“ Taekwon-Do Seminar Organizer
2014 – ITF HQ Germany Masterclass Organization
Thomas Siemon
049 160 93840163 t.siemon@me.com Pommernstraße 5, 37235 Hessisch Lichtenau
2001 GTF Taekwondo German Masters 1. Platz Tul
2001 GTF Taekwondo German Masters 2. Platz Matsogi
2003 Kickboxing European Masters 2. Platz Formen
2003 Kickboxing European Masters 3. Platz LK
2009 ITF Taekwondo German Masters 2. Platz Tul
1. Degree 2003 Master Lee Ki Young, Kassel Germany – No Organisation
2. Degree 2006 ITF NAG-Germany, ITF Choi Jung Hwa
3. Degree 2008 ITF NAG-Germany, ITF Choi Jung Hwa
4. Degree 2011 ITF NAG-Germany, ITF Choi Jung Hwa
5. Degree 2016 ITF HQ Korea
TeukGong Moosool
1. Degree 2012 Master Peter Sanders, the Netherlands
2. Degree 2017 Master Peter Sanders, the Netherlands
1. Degree 2012 Master Peter Sanders, the Netherlands
With my position in the Chair of the Committee, I would like further styles are for the
cooperation of various Taekwondo in Germany. Whether traditional, ITF or WTF
Taekwondo, we are a family.
Information about my work and knowledge of Taekwondo and other Korean Martial
Arts can provide information Master Peter Sanders (NL), Master Ralf Ufrecht (GER) and
Master Toni Martella (ITA).

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