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Grand Master Sutherland, 1958 – 2019

Sep 12, 2019 | News

It is always a difficult time when people pass away, but when that individual has contributed so much to the world that their passing affects many, it seems as if the world pauses for a moment in sadness. Such a person was Grand Master Sheena Sutherland and all of us at ITF HQ feel her loss immensely. Her efforts on behalf of our organisation were extraordinary and her enthusiasm and drive showed in everything she touched. This was a woman who loved life and lived it to the full, she always let you know what she really felt, but cushioned the impact with her empathy. She loved her students and fought for so many causes, but especially for those who couldn’t fight for themselves. In particular she was a role model for the many young women who took up Taekwon-Do, but not just because of her practice, but also because of her behaviour. Her love of animals and antipathy towards those who would hurt them typified her spirit. She battled for the underdog and generally won. Her love for Scotland and her support for its independence were never far from her mind and she promoted her homeland with great pride. This world is a lesser place without you Grand Master, but in line with your wishes we will celebrate your life and not shed a tear. Go forth to a better place and bring joy there as well. Thank you for everything you brought to this world.