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Sabum AD Dekker Korea Travel Report

Mar 1, 2020 | News

Travel report from Korea 13-02-2020 to 21-02-2020 by Sabum Ad Dekker.

Day 1:

This morning (Wednesday, Feb. 13) together with my wife Marij, got up very early (4 AM) i.v.m. my departure from residence Esch, to Amsterdam Airport. We were I arrived in Amsterdam at 7 a.m, check in and put my luggage on the belt. My plane to the airport of Charles de Gaulle (Paris), would 10.20 am departing i.v.m. the transfer to Incheon Airport Korea. Arrived at 11.45 in Paris, I also served again very quickly to change gate, and then my flight from 13.00 to Korea. Wow, what is the airport in Paris big. I was even transported between the terminals with a bus. This was way too far to walk but luckily I was just in time to board.

Day 2:

Thursday 14 Feb, arrival at 8 a.m. at Airport Korea incheon. Time difference no less than 8 hours. Like some of you know, I can not sleep, in a bus, car or plane. So, very tired, but satisfied (well, safe landed in Korea is also a nice reassurance) I had to bus station find those tickets sold, then in Sejong City. But first my luggage to pic.

Well that didn’t go so well in Korea (this time). There quite a few people were picked out for checking. It was already 8.30 a.m. and I had to (under the direction of Master Zibby) to find the bus station. Yes, there I saw the ticket sales desk in the distance. Quick a ticket bought, because at 8.55 am the bus would be sharp again leave. Fortunately just rescued and headed for Sejong City. Arrival Sejong City Section Government, 11.30 a.m.

I was warmly welcomed with a big hug by our ITF HQ President Master Cj Oh picked up by car then continue the journey to the Head Office of ITF HQ. Arriving at the head office, I became very hot here too and warmly received by Sabina Kim (employee agency / tul tour organizer) and Baylee Hannah (fellow instructor) of the English study program Amerikick.

After this nice introduction, I became a real one Korean lunch that I offered together with Master CJ consumed. We talked about my trip in general and the daily things that take place at the head office.

Back at the head office I became a new Amerikick uniformly adjusted and together with Baylee I played the first group of children, after naturally being introduced to have with the kids and the parents. The English learning program is given daily to different groups with each week a new theme. The power is in the weekly repeating vocabulary words and sentences in the form of a reading story and a quiz. In addition, during the lessons only communicated in English. Also

any technique pronounced in English and by the student (mandatory) repeated. This happens both in game form and during positions and or other commands. This first and the next 2 lessons of today, I followed with big ones admiration, and then deal with this in the coming days get started. After 3 training sessions this day in the late evening, I went to see my apartment supervised by Master CJ and Sabina Kim. A spacious / luxurious apartment, nicely, sleekly furnished to a fine to have time. I also have the first night awake for a very long time (first called (video) with my wife Marij of course), i.v.m. all impressions I gained have got. Still had a kind of jet lag ?!

Day 3:

Friday, Feb 15, again several training sessions today taken care of nice and especially very motivated students would like to master English. In the meantime Meet several parents, who have a lot of respect to and from the instructors. What is striking is that the parents themselves have very little knowledge of the English Language. Today delicious dined (bulgogi eaten is a Korean baking dish ) in an original Korean restaurant. Yet watched some Korean TV and crawled under the wool. Tired but again very satisfied.

Day 4:

Saturday, Feb 16, slept in (until 7:30 a.m.) Eaten noodles for breakfast and left for the Dojang. Today I taught again, studied, and walked with Baylee and had a long and very interesting conversation with Master CJ on the history and origin of ITF HQ Korea and his meetings with our founder Gen Choi Hong Hi. WOW what a personal story. Also started studying and reading the (new) released English book about biomechanics by Master Rudoph Kang.

Day 5:

Sunday 17 Feb, received a beautiful individual tul tour from Sabina Kim and Master CJ to the historic Baekje. The Baekje province is known for its culture historical battles led by General Ge-Baek (known from the 12 th tul). A original piece of old Korea, with palace, castle and original traditional old houses. Amazing pictures made here and laughed a lot with Master CJ and Sabina. Yes Korean people are often very cheerful, laugh a lot and have one decent dose of humor. Also the park on return explored behind my apartment (in the middle of the city) and there made a good walk. What stands out in the entire city (Korea in general) is that it is incredibly clean and that it is almost nobody smokes. No butt found on the floor, late paper or other waste. Yes people a better and clean environment, it is really possible, if everyone contributes.

Day 6:

Monday, February 18, it is getting colder here and except freezing in the night now also freezes during the day. Also is it also started snowing tonight and I walk in the end of the morning through the snow at the local supermarket to do some shopping. Brrrrr, great. I myself am a big snow lover and I have this have the pleasure of experiencing in Korea. Thank you dear lord (hahaha). This afternoon and tonight the classes are back the English provided to new groups of kids from different ages. Delicious eaten tonight in one traditional korean chicken restaurant. Chicken prepared on a real BBQ plate, according to traditional Korean style.

What really stood out here is that almost everyone is constantly on cell phone looks and perhaps appt. Young mothers too seen, who have a cell phone on one ear, the child give food and are also eating themselves. A great multi-tasking technology. Yes, the Koreans are everything height with regard to world development (s) and technology. 90% wears a mouth cap, but takes it off when one naturally eat or drink. What is the use of this then I wonder, because also during eating and drinking people touch things that contain a lot of bacteria. Anyway, here it is not only i.v.m. the Corona virus, but may also have become a fashion object. The mouth caps are in all colors, sizes and shapes and young and old wear them. As I write this and Back in the Netherlands, I don’t know how many people infected in South Korea with the Corona virus. Hopefully these people will heal all soon.

Day 7: 

Tuesday 19 Febr, again nice early out. It snows still here and it’s also pretty cold. Tasty first Taekwon-do trained with Baylee, (tuls and hosinsul) and then re-examined the (new) curriculum and then taught. Meanwhile started studying book 2 by Master Rudolph Kang on biomechanics. Very interesting and good to apply to multiple techniques on multiple fronts. 

Day 8: 

Wednesday 20 Febr, today no less than 3 training on the agenda. This one cared for according to the English curriculum, where I am becoming more and better concerned about only and just communicate with everyone in English. Well, of course you have no choice, because Dutch understand they don’t. Hahaha. Very pleasant, to get through Baylee (coming from New Zealand) to be helped (by myself asked, lol) when a sentence does not go well, or a word not right. Sometimes English is given a little phonetic, pronounced and that crazy, then very funny according to Baylee, hahahaha. We’re a top team when it comes to it to take care of the Amerikick program. 

Day 9: 

Thursday 21 Febr, today very early from the feathers, some shopping, last visit to the dojang and the pupils, and then enjoy once more of a nice Korean lunch. During this lunch (and all seen several times before that the operation here slippers and that one even walks barefoot in the Slippers are sitting. Hello ARBO! Well, people don’t know that here. 

Politeness is of paramount importance here, but safety a lot less. An awful lot of people, despite the snow and cold, outside also just on slippers. I think I also quite a bit of Korean blood, because I do this nl.in Netherlands (privately) also very much like and often, where my own Kids Then Say, Daddy, you can’t go to the store like that. To which I answer, the road is just as far away though. Hahaahaha.

In the meantime also had a very nice and very interesting conversation Master Zibby Kruk, who himself had just returned from a trip to Thailand. We have the current culture within ITF HQ discussed and looked together at the future. In addition, together with Master CJ, and Master Zibby philosophite about Taekwon-do, the politics of this and everyday life of and as a Martial Artist. 

Unfortunately, today came the time to get from everyone to say goodbye, and then the long, beautiful return journey. Master CJ took me to the bus station in Sejong City and we said goodbye to the words, we stay definitly in touch. Master Cj also Another original joke, he said. and I translate into the Dutch, not coughing when you arrive in Amsterdam, but just laughing. Hahahaha. And after a 3.5 hour trip (we also went into traffic jam) I arrived at 8 pm, on the airport in Incheon. 

At 8.30pm I was able to check in and put my luggage on the band Put. My plane took off at 00:50, so I had all time to be reviewed over the last 8 days  Pass. What I had been through, learned and liked a lot Share. Many new people meet and a wonderful culture where respect and honor are very high. 

After a journey of 12 flight hours (flown back a little faster than Wind with me I guess, lol) I came to 4:30 a.m. Dutch time at Schiphol Airport. Luckily, everything ran very much here smoothly and I stood at 5.15am (really) outside, where my dear Wife Marij was waiting for me. It was, of course, a reunion buzzed after all those days of absence. 

My conclusion of this wonderful journey, is that you should be open to other people all times, other cultures, other customs and emotions. If you can, as a human being, you are experiencing a change in every way, where you look at life becomes much wider and more beautiful. I would therefore like to express my great gratitude to GM Peter Sanders, Master CJ Oh, Master Zibby Kruk, Sabina Kim, Baylee Hannah, my TS. Dekker home team and my wife Marij, who have made sure that this trip is unforgettable for me Become.

Kamsahamnida, Taekwon and thank you all.

 With great respect. 

 Sincerely yours.

 Sabum Ad Dekker